About Us

The company ITALMETAL Srl, based in Servigliano (FM), was founded in 1990 by the brothers Luigino and Sante Cippitelli, which after many experiences gained in the production of small metal parts, decided to start a joint project. After a short time the company specialize itself in manufacturing buckles and metal accessories for leather goods, especially for the industry of belt and footwear, affirming itself as an industry leader.

Over time, in parallel with the production of accessories for leather goods, the ITALMETAL firm opens a technical department of development CAD - CAM for prototypes and molds made of steel, which thanks to the use of technologically advanced equipment and skilled personnel, puts the company in a position of respect also in the production of technical parts for the most diverse sectors, from the furniture to that of the automation.

Currently the company, spread over an area of 5,000 square meters, is able to provide its customers a complete service that goes from the study of the product to the production of the same, through all phases of the work process that are performed almost exclusively within the company itself.

The ITALMETAL Srl structure is:

  • Sales office: it's job is to take care of the relationships with italian and foreign customers, to manage the orders, to plan the internal proceeding and the strategic marketing.

  • Technical department: The ITALMETAL strong point is the mould workshop that has been making and carrying out both internal manufactures and external equipments, for the several sectors pertaining to the technology of marketable goods. Today this workshop, sited in the interior of the firm, is an important share of the production. It is able to provide for the problems concerning the building of the injection moulds for thermoplastics, light alloys and mechanical workings. All the conception stages of the mould are executed in the firm, form the pattern making using CAS and CAM systems to the carrying out of the components with traditional and CNC machines.

  • Warmed-chamber pressing department: the firm has injection presses called OLEOPRESS that come from 25 to 100 ton., with a capability of injection that goes till 1230 gr of zama. The working cycle is of 24 daily hours.

  • Production department with silicon rubber moulds: the firm has centrifuge machines called NICEM provided of a bar-codes pick-up made to carry out little, medium and big series or particular "pilota". The working cycle is of 24 daily hours.

  • Vibrofinishing department: the firm has a vibrofinishing department with a daily cargo capability of about 25/40 quintals. We carry out also services of vibrofinishing on a great variety of materials , in particular zamak and ABS .

  • Department store:In the latter stages of the production all the parts are intended for the store , which controls that the quality of the final product meets the standards levels and handles all the operations of packaging and shipping.

  • Moreover , in all the articles can be applied further processing, as threading , drilling , various assembly , etc. , various processes such as galvanic coating , zinc , chrome , brass , gold , etc. and finishing operations such as glazing , enamelling, etc. Therefore, at the end of the production cycle, the articles turn out to be ready for mounting .

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